Introducing Illuminate Coffee Bar

Illuminate Coffee Bar exists to serve incredible coffee to incredible people. 

But why?

I have loved coffee for many years and developed a particular taste for specialty coffee. There is tons of  amazing coffee throughout Austin, but for some reason, there was a dark spot along Ranch Road 620. There was nothing available in the area for anyone who wanted hand crafted, local, specialty coffee.

Then, Caffe Yolly moved to the neighborhood.

Serving local, high quality coffee by baristas who had been trained and educated in coffee and espresso. I took a job at this humble coffee shop and immediately fell in love with the barista experience.

I got to serve amazing coffee to many people everyday. And they loved it. But there were still so many people who didn't know about us. They were still in the dark about the specialty coffee shop right down the street from them or just at the end of their neighborhood.

Enter Illuminate Coffee Bar.

Illuminate Coffee Bar has a mission to bring incredible coffee to the people of Northwest Austin and Cedar Park. Preparing coffee in unique ways like using house-made flavors, incorporating coconut oil, and serving original seasonal drinks are some of the ways Illuminate stands out amongst other shops. 

Incredible craft coffee is great, but more important are the people we serve it to.

Above all, Illuminate cares about people. All our baristas want to serve you and make your day a little better. Talk with them, joke with them, they want to get to know you. Specialty coffee would not exist without the customer and we are proud to say thank you for your support!

-Tom, Owner & Founder of Illuminate Coffee Bar

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