Why We Serve Coffee

Why do we serve coffee?

The real answer doesn't come out to a 'why' but 'who'.

It all boils down to a single mantra: we help tired moms relax, busy students and entrepreneurs be more productive, and give social butterflies a place to build friendships.

Coffee shops have existed for over a thousand years and have always been hubs of culture and relationship building. Coffee is the wonderful beverage that helps to create intellectual conversations, debates, and studies, business meetings, and date nights.

We love coffee and we love people.

First of all, here at Illuminate Coffee Bar we strive to create a space for people to have conversation and we believe the best of those conversations happen over mugs of delicious brewed coffee. We are dedicated to serving the best craft coffee and making excellent handcrafted espresso drinks. Take your time and enjoy it, trust me, it’s going to be worth it.

Thus, it’s our desire for people to feel comfortable and at home in our shop.


Yes, we love coffee, but even more so we love the people who drink our coffee! We want to engage the community around us and provide a place for the community to flourish. That is our desire. We don’t want to be another turn-‘em-and-burn-‘em coffee churnin’ store with no heart and soul. Thus, it’s our desire for people to feel comfortable and at home in our shop. We want everyone that enters our doors to know that they are getting the best coffee and best service every time they come in.

Great conversations happen over great coffee.

We believe that conversation and coffee go hand in hand. The US alone consumes about 400 million cups of coffee EVERY DAY. And many of those cups are gulped down in between friendly words passed back and forth across a table.  Like I mentioned earlier, coffee creates a perfect opportunity to have a chat. That slow nursing of the mug gives the drinker time to listen and the other person time to speak without having a mouthful to chew. The simple act of sipping on coffee creates the unique blend (no pun intended) of having to slowly consume the hot liquid while at the same time leaving our mouths free for most of the time.

The added bonus here is the caffeine boost that comes from the roasted bean. Caffeine is a chemical compound that stimulates the mind and body, in this case, the drinker. We want to maximize this flow at our coffee shop: people drinking incredible craft coffee and having the time to talk and think.

In a world of disconnectedness, let’s be different.

It’s no secret. Our culture is growing more and more digitally connected while simultaneously growing less and less physically connected. We want to break that mold and bring people together to laugh and shake hands and make eye contact (scary, I know). So, how do we do this? How do we change the culture? We believe that it starts with a cup of coffee.

-Tom, Owner & Founder of Illuminate Coffee Bar

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