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Craft Coffee to Brighten Your Life. Our motto is about bringing brightness into your life, but we also have plenty in our own as well. We believe work should be enjoyable, fun, and creative. Music: www.bensound.com

Our Story...

The Darkness.

We all know what it feels like to have a darkness, or a resistance pushing against us. Something keeping us from being our true selves. The best we can be. 

Maybe that's self-doubt. Am I good enough? Am I just an impostor? Do I deserve to be where I am?

Maybe it's hopelessness. Am I going to be stuck here forever? Is this the best life has to offer? Will it ever get better?

Whatever your darkness is, we strive to ILLUMINATE your life. Drinking coffee as a daily ritual can help ease the struggles of life, bring routine and consistency, wake you up, and help you live a more productive life!

I believe that coffee served by people with servant hearts brings a truly great experience. Illuminate Coffee Bar exists to make that experience happen for you every day.

Incredible coffee is great, but more important are the people we serve it to.

Above all, Illuminate cares about people. All our baristas want to serve you and make your day better. Talk with them, joke with them, they want to get to know you. Specialty coffee would not exist without the customer and we are proud to say thank you for your support!