The Buzz About Illuminate Coffee Bar

At Illuminate Coffee Bar, we desire to brighten your life with craft coffee and give you an incredible experience while we're at it.

But what have other people been saying about us?

Here are some of our favorite Google and Yelp reviews:

Iced Coffee

"I couldn't love this place more. Delicious coffee (you have to try the Illuminate Latte of the off-menu Lumberjack), light lunch fare (including tamales!), froyo, and super-friendly, super-happy baristas who work here. Nice, large tables and a calm, clean atmosphere if you need to get some work done. An all-around pleasant experience."  -Melissa on Yelp

"This place has my favorite coffee in the area. They also serve excellent vegetarian tamales and tasty pastries."  -Courtney on Google

"I love going to Illuminate Coffee Bar, everyone who works there is wonderful and so kind.  I always get a blended mocha w coconut milk or hot tea (african nectar is my fav). I refuse to buy a blended mocha anywhere else bc it's the best here!! I also LOVE that they have allergy friendly and vegan options that are actually GOOD and from a local business. Illuminate is the perfect place for anything and everything.. hwrk or work, reading on a cozy couch, meeting a friend or group, bringing kids, coffee date!! they also have a shelf w games and things to use while you're there. If you haven't been, you've got to go."  -Kendall on Yelp

"Just moved to the neighborhood and was beyond pleased to find a locally owned coffee shop! Super cute decor, great coffee, breakfast tacos, pastries and super friendly staff! Love this place!"  -Emily on Google

"I can't believe how long I've waited to come here. The coffee and atmosphere is so good! 
I got a cortado and my partner got a honey lavender latte on special. The cortado was the best I've had in years, and her latte was pitch perfect. A must try! 
I love their use of many local vendors for everything from the breakfast tacos to pastries.  Check this place out now!!"  -Jennifer on Yelp

 "The coffee is amazing. I got a vanilla one with almond milk and it was very yummy and fast. The staff are super friendly and I love the environment."  -Chela on Google

We love getting reviews from our fans (especially five-star ones!). But most of all, we want you to feel confident in your decision to drink our coffee:) Next time you're looking for coffee nearby, give us a try.

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